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Due to the popularity of our other local sites, Treeton, Ulley, Whiston, and Wickersley , and the fact that some items, especially those relating to history and genealogy were found to be duplicated because of their relevance to more than one local area. It seemed to be the best way forward to use this website as an anchor, and further develop it.

Re Content

Overall development of the site is fluid, ongoing and largely dependent on the feedback and requirements of our visitors and supporters.
I receive correspondence not only from local residents but from all over the world; from Students/Ex-pats/Family Researchers/Educational Institutions, Tourist Info, - you may, from time to time, question the relevance of a particular webpage; believe me, it is there for a reason !

Businesses can benefit

We have been running all the sites on a voluntary basis. Due to the increased work involved not only in running the sites, but doing research and admin, we are seeking advertisers. Should you wish to take advantage of advertising on any of the sites, please contact us for further details.

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