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Thurcroft Senior School 1964-1968

I attended Thurcroft Senior School from 1964 until 1968. During that time I had some great times and some not so great. I will try to recall the teachers and what they were like starting with Mr Curzon the metal work teacher, he was tall had big black glasses and shouted a lot. One day he was showing us how to use the Guillotine and I was stood behind him, as he pulled the long handle down to cut some steel the handle hit me on the head and down I went, I was ok and we had a laugh but I never stood there again.

Mr. Neil was the woodwork teacher with blond hair and wire rim glasses and like a wasp, never still, I made a clothes horse for my Mum and took it home, in those days you paid for the wood, my bill was five shillings. Mr. Neil chased me for months for that money, but I could not get it from my Mum.

Mr. Staniforth was the eccentric maths teacher, small with black hair I remember, he would talk about space travel which made us giddy and laugh.

Mrs. Taziman, lived in the village near the vicarage. She was small but very stern, if you were wise you did not cross Mrs. Taziman.

Harry Herdman was the Headmaster. He was tall with grey hair and strict. He gave the cane many times, I remember, I once got the cane and I can still feel it now.

In my second year Miss Knowles an English teacher joined us, she was tall with freckles and liked by everyone. Not long after she married and became Mrs. Metcalf.

Mr, Brown was the dreaded P. E. teacher and very handsome. I can remember once being given the slipper by him ouch it hurt.

Mr. Fish was the music teacher, he was tall and bald and wore wire rim glasses. He was a gentleman, and used to play the piano and we would sing as loud a we could to the Titanic song, I still remember most of the words, and I have fond memories of Mr. Fish.

Mr. Vickers was the Geography teacher, he was strict and would not tolerate any pupil speaking in his lesson. If anyone was caught, he would make you stand at the front of the class.

Mr Robinson the History teacher lived in the village and walked to school every day. He was stout and wore a grey suit and black glasses. It wasn't wise to upset Mr. Robinson because he could shout, if I ever went past his house outside school hours I always ran!

Brian Harris was the Caretaker. he liked to keep fit by running one hundred meters on the football pitch near the pit, he always timed himself and he was fast.

Each morning we had a small bottle of milk and two cod liver oil capsules. At morning break we had a tuck shop that sold all things kids like for just a few pennies. One of the things I remember was friday lunch always finished with milky coffee, white cheese and fruit cake, not many liked it so I had loads.

I would like to finish with some people I met during my time at school, I wish them all well and hope they enjoyed their time at Thurcroft as much as I did. Bernard Bulmer, Andre Lovell, Phillip Firth, George Blackbird, Christine Curtis, Dawn Podmore, Nigel Burton, Steven Merry, Judith Newman, Mick Buswell, Paul Stanley, Peter Knight, Roy Newman, Peter Edwards, Pat Myers, Diane Young, Christine Steer, Linda Purshouse Marline White, Elaine Bailey, Anne Mangham and anyone I have forgotten. Happy days!

David Page, 18/01/2011


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