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The Sunshine Corner

The Sunshine Corner - an inter-denominational service for children, was started in 1944 by Frank Middleton of the Revival Centre, Moorgate. The Corner was taken over the following year by Rev. Archie Biddle (Uncle Archie), pastor of the Elim Revival Centre, who ran it until he left Rotherham in 1959. He also had a weekly column in the Rotherham Advertiser. Aunty Madge was the pianist. She later becme Mrs. Yeardley.

The meetings were first held on the grassy bank behind the Bandstand. There was lively chorus singing accompanied by piano accordion, ukele and violin, plus stories, games and competitions.

The meetings at once proved so popular that the council not only offered the use of the Bandstand and amplifying equipment but also made a small grant to purchase prizes for the children participating. Members of the Revival Centre Church gave up their "personal points" coupons in order that sweets could be purchased as prizes..Rotherham Advertiser, 1976.

'I can remember hurrying with my younger sister and brother to the Bandstand so that we could get a chair as close to the front as possible. It was a very popular place for war weary children. I can remember the chorus we used to sing out loud':

Sunshine Corner, all is jolly fine.
It's for children under 99.
All are welcome, seats are given free.
Clifton Sunshine Corner is the place for me.


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