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North Field Pottery

I was reading about Northfield Pottery which brought back memories.

The name Northfield rang a bell because my maternal grandparents, Sidney and Harriet Smith, who moved to Rotherham from Ferrybridge with my Mum, to live on Northfield Lane and to work in the Pottery there. They had worked at the Ferrybridge Pottery. It was when they were demolishing buildings on Northfield that my Gran was offered the council house 'up' East Dene.

During the war (WW11) we used to visit Gran who was a cook and cleaning lady at A.T.Green & Sons at the far end of Northfield Lane. I believe that A.T. Green & Sons built undercarriages for freight trains. There was a pigsty in the corner of the worksyard and they were fed from my Gran's kitchen scraps. Then the pig would be slaughtered for Christmas and shared amongst the small work force. Later, Gran was to become housekeeper at Walton near Wakefield for 90 year old Mr. Green. I used to love to go and stay with them on school holidays. I would travel by myself on the train from Rotherham (Masbro) to Walton's small station back in 1948-1951. There were always hanging baskets and tubs of flowers on the platform. That's nearly 60 years ago now.

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