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Extracts for 'Holidays At Home - 1942'

His Worship The Mayor: Councillor A.E. BARLOW
The Town Clerk: Chas. L. DES FORGES, C.B.E.
Chairman of Holidays at Home Committee: Councillor G.A.BARKER
Vice-Chairman: Councillor W. HEWITT



Local Authorities throughout the Country were asked by the Government to provide programmes of attraction during the usual Holiday period of the year.

Those who take advantage of this scheme will be truly wise. By staying at home, they will ease the already overburdened travelling facilities; they will save themselves the anxiety of searching for accomodation; they will spend less and, by investing the savings wisely, will help the War effort. They will be able to enjoy themselves to the full, for there are events to entertain them in Rotherham on every day during the whole of the four weeks of elementary school holidays.

Clifton park will be the centre of attractions. Please remember that it is one of the finest assets of out town. Respect the trees and shrubs and flowers, for they are your property to enjoy - not to destroy.

Have a happy time during these thirty days, and you will go back to your work - whether it be in the Forces, or in works or shops or offices - refreshed both in mind and body, and better able to play your part in bringing the war to a speedy and successful ending.

Mayor Barlow
Chairman Barker
"Holidays At Home"
Birdcage Lodge, Doncaster Road
will be open each day from 1.30pm to deal with general enquiries
Telephone: Rotherham 16

Refreshments: A Marquee near the Formal Gardens in Clifton Park will be open each day to serve light refreshments so far as the wartime food situation permits.

A Creche (opposite the Paddling Pool, Clifton Park) will be open each day to care for children between the ages of 2 and 5 (inclusive) for limited periods.

Lost Children should be taken to THE CRECHE where they will be looked after until claimed.

Lost property should be taken to the CLIFTON PARK OFFICE, Birdcage Lodge, or to the POLICE STATION.

First-Aid Tents, staffed by members of the St. John Ambulance Brigade and Nursing Division will be situated near the COTTENHAM ROAD ENTRANCE to Clifton Park and will be open EVERY DAY.

Deck Chairs will be available in Clifton Park for members of the public at a charge of 6d. per day. 3d. will be refunded on return of the chair in good condition.

Seaside Tents: A limited number of seaside tents will be available in Clifton Park at a charge of 1/6 per day (including 2 deckchairs).

All Programmes are sublect to CANCELLATION or ALTERATION WIThOUT NOTICE. Latest details regarding Programmes will be published every Saturday in the Local Press.

Seaside Donkeys will be near the Bandstand in Clifton Park, each morning, afternoon and evening (except Sundays). Some of them will visit Greasbrough Recreation Ground during the afternoons of 27th July, 6th., 14th and 19th. August. Others may visit other parts of the Borough, at times to be arranged.

The PADDLING POOL, Clifton Park, will be open - make good use of it.

A Sand Pit will be made in Clifton Park opposite the Paddling Pool. Please keep it clean.


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