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Elephants in Clifton Park


I can remember one incident during the 1942 Holidays At Home. My family and had gone down to Clifton Park and we went into the corner near Middleton Road and Lister Street. There was a huge marquee and lots of activity. I was told that we couldn't to go in to see the Circus. I was a disappointed four year old, so I decided to take a peek under the tent. Wow! I couldn't believe! There, right in front of my eyes was an elephant's foot. It was huge! I was whisked away and that was that. I remembered the incident few years ago and contacted the Central Library in Rotherham and asked if a circus had been in Rotherham during WW2!. They discovered the following information:

Sir Robert Fossett's CIRCUS
Friday July 31st
Saturday August 1st.

Lions, Tigers, ELEPHANTS Bears, Monkeys
Admission: ADULTS (including Tax) 1/6, 3/-, 4/-, 6/-
CHILDREN: 1/- to 1/6 seats. half-price to other seats. Matinee 7d.









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