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Memories of Beatson Clark

Photo of Beatson Clark

I worked at Beatson Clarke on two occasions, first in 1969-1971 and late 1971 to 1975.

I began as a lehr end packer which really meant just putting boxes of bottles etc on to a pallet and then move the full pallet. I then became a bottle sorter this involved a 2 week training period , which was how to spot faults in bottles and containers prior to packing.

The firm operated a 3 shift system and had quite a large workforce, in latter years this has been reduced due to new machinery which dispensed with a large force of bottle sorters/packers.

All broken bottles were reused in the furnace and tipped down a tube in to some sort of collection area in a basement area.

I enjoyed my time at the firm and the work was not arduous.

DT, November, 2005

Beatson Clark advert 1983

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