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When I was an Altar Boy

I became an altar boy at about the age of 9, you can't become an altar boy until you've made your first Holy Communion, my role was to serve at masses and funerals in Thurcroft, I also served at weddings, baptisms, first Holy Communions etc. in Dinnington, and Maltby. My job was to light the incense to pass to the priest, I also passed the holy water to the priest so that he could bless the coffin, I walked in front of the coffin to the Hearse carrying a large brass cross. As an altar boy I prepared the wine and communion host, and placed them on the altar ready for the priest to say the mass, I have to confess to having the odd sip of wine, at the tender age of 10, I would have had a sound telling off if the priest had caught me!!

I remember well the occasion when me and another altar boy had to open up the church to prepare for a requiem mass (evening), we had to walk past a coffin in front of the altar to get to the light switches, we found this very unnerveing and were glad when we finally turned the lights on!

One day when mass was being said by Father White, we all heard noises coming from the flat roof outside, Father White went out to investigate and found a lad scrambling from the roof down a drainpipe, he marched him into the church and gave him a clip round his ear'ole and then sent him home.

Sadly when midnight mass was being said, often local drunks would come in and cause disruption.

All in all I remember my days as an altar boy with great affection, it was an honour to serve for my faith.

Told by S. Wade


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