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Rotherham Tradespeoples Adverts 1850s

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R T Barrass | George Chadwick | Thomas Cundey | John Goucher | Guest & Chrimes Ann Hinchliffe
Hinchliffe & Epworth | Abraham Law | Pickford & Co | Charles Rawson | Walter & Thomas Spencer | J B Thompson
William Unwin | T G Wood | H Wright
Selection of Trade Adverts from 1850's
Guest and Chrimes Charles Rawson T G Wood, Chemist
Abraham Law and Co.,Brickmakers George Chadwick, Builder Ann Hinchliffe,Printer and Bookseller
J B Thompson R T Barrass, Printer C Barras, Printer, High St, Rotherham
Charles Rawson, Land Agent, Masbrough Station William Unwin, Currier and Leather Merchant
Walter and Thomas Spencer, Masbrough H Wright, Auctioneer and Valuer, High St Hinchliffe and Epworth,Printers, High St
Thomas Cundey, Bridgegate, Rotherham John Goucher,Patent Thrashing Machine,Woodsetts Pickfords and Co.

Trade Adverts, 1938

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