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Friends of Clifton Museum

The Friends of the Clifton Museum are now 10 years old and their aim is to support the Museum in its educational, curatorial and public service roles.

'Friends' have raised 200.000 in grants etc for museum based projects such as developing Community curators, buying show cases for community use, training, tour guides etc.

They have a sub group called the Kitchen Rangers who do cooking demonstrations on the Museum's Yorkshire Range. Anyone interested in cooking is welcome to join.

Another group is pegging a traditional Yorkshire pegged rug for the kitchen and demonstrating old skills.

Some of the members do curatorial work such as cataloguing and some of them do historical research which is used for books and guided tours.

The Friends are always looking for interested volunteers for the above, and men who would like to work with the museum maintenance staff and can help with woodwork, metal work and restoration would be welcome.

There is a monthly Lunch Talk, evening events and visits to other Museums for members.

If you are a member of another group The Friends can offer your group Guided Tours of the Museum, Speakers on local history and if you wish, the chance to make up a party and cook on the Range. Contact them!

Further information contact Clifton Museum
Telephone: (01709) 336633


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